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36" Polyester Fabric

The Knight ADRC is extremely excited to offer this new cutting-edge material to print scientific posters on. This new offering provides the same exceptional quality poster you are used to while allowing for much easier transport of your poster. How? No more tubes! The water-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, tear-resistant polyester fabric is foldable! This is perfect for poster presenters who have to travel by plane. Gone are the days of needing to haul a poster tube around and be forced to pay for it to be checked, have it lost, crushed or otherwise destroyed.

What It Is:
This fabric material does indeed print exactly like our traditional paper offerings. The finest of detail is not lost on the fabric (see sample image). This materiel is also water-RESISTANT as well as wrinkle and tear-RESISTANT. So, you can rest assured that you can fold up your poster and place it in your luggage and it will arrive in one piece (unless the airline destroys your luggage!).

What It Isn't:
The fabric does wrinkle--although most go away when hung. In our test, we folded a 42" x 70" poster into a nice little square and placed some heavy objects on it for 36 hours to simulate a luggage experience. After that time elapsed, we unfolded the poster and hung it by two pushpins in the top corners. There were some wrinkles/creases from the folds (see sample image). We didn't have the ability to pull the poster tight on a poster board and then pin all corners. That would help smooth things out. However, we did take an iron to the material. All of the creases and wrinkles came out (see the Care Tips section below).

Most hotels provide an iron in the room. Once you arrive, simply iron the backside of the poster, roll into a tube shape (or lightly fold) and carry to the poster session. It's also important to note that even if you don't iron the fabric, it doesn't look bad at all. Creases and wrinkles can also be less of a distraction if you deliberately fold your poster--avoiding folds on important images. We think that the portability and quality of this product provide an immense benefit even with a few wrinkles or creases--especially when these can be pulled or ironed out.

Care Tips:
Watch our video on how to properly iron your frabric poster by CLICKING HERE.

This fabric is resistant to a lot of things; however, resistant does not mean bulletproof to all those things.

Water: We actually ran water from a faucet onto a section of a poster full-blast for 15 seconds. The good news is that the ink didn't run. The caution is that you should not touch or scrub-dry a wet poster. Don't even blot dry it. The ink will smear slightly if you physically drag something over it while it is wet. Let it air dry or use an iron on the opposite side of the wet spot set on low or medium-low setting without letting the iron rest for too long in one spot.

Wrinkles & Creases: Minimize wrinkles and creases by carefully folding your poster and placing it into your luggage. We recommend placing it between two piece of cardboard in the middle of your luggage. The cardboard will help make sure nothing sharp pokes into the fabric causing damage. If cardboard isn't available, place it between clothes and away from sharp objects like the corners of the heels of dress shoes, belt buckles or medicine kits.

Your poster will have wrinkles and creases. This is a polyester blend. Think of this poster like a $100 silk shirt being folded and placed into luggage for however long you will have it packed up.

To remove wrinkles and creases:

1. Set an iron to the lowest possible setting at first (silk setting).

2. Only iron on the side that doesn't have the printed image. If you can see ink, you're doing it wrong.

3. Do NOT use steam.

4. Press firmly with the iron but be careful to not dig any sharp corners of the iron into the fabric causing it to tear.

5. Do NOT leave the iron in any one spot for more than a half-second. Again, this is like a silk shirt. You can burn and ruin the poster. Don't treat the poster like a pair of denim jeans when ironing.

6. Do move the iron around rapidly and with some pressure. Ironing out the wrinkles/creases may take several minutes.

7. Use the proper tools for the job. Iron on an ironing board not the bed of your hotel room.


Borderless Possible: Yes
Media Thickness: 6 mil
Media Weight: 130 g/m2
Average Print Time for 36" x 70": <20 minutes
Average Dry Time: 10 minutes
Heavy Coverage Dry Time: 15 minutes